As we know, in Digital Marketing, everything has to be measured and compared. That's why we let down 5 SEO and 3 PCP statistics that we neen to take into account.

Although it takes longer to achieve results, it can be a profitable long-term strategy.

  1. About 80% of users ignore paid ads in search results. Internet users often prefer organic links instead of paid and it is no accident that the links that receive the most clicks are organic, about 70%.
  2. Search engine search is the channel generates more traffic to content sites, hitting social networks by more than 300%. Organic research is one of the most effective channels, and usually serves as the first contact between visitors and the company.
  3. SEO generates 30% traffic and 20% revenue. People typically visit a website more than once before filling out a form or making a purchase.
  4. 36.2% of consumers recognize links that are paid ads but don't click on them. Only half of users are able to differentiate organic and paid links. Despite this, they prefer organic links instead of ads.
  5. 88% of local business searches on mobile devices result in site visits within 24 hoursSEO local has excellent ROI  — the number of local serches has increased by about 900% in two years.

Even with the input of Adblockers or preference for organic links, the data below show that the PPC (pay per click) still has a lot of strength and can generate results for your business.

  1. The first three ads in a search engine receive 46% of clicks compared to the rest of page. This includes PPC ads, and shows that good positioning in the search engine is important for increasing conversions.
  2. On average, we get a return of 3,00€ for every 1,60 spent on ads on Google Ads. This proves that PPC is a relatively inexpensive way to experiment, as well as presenting a good return on investiment.
  3. PPC ads can increase brand awareness by about 80%. Pay per click, is still a powerful strategy in strengthening brand and, of course, sales. 

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