We thank you for an incredible 2018!



December 29, 2018


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It was an incredible year for Closum customers and our team. With the launch of new features, we have been able to help even more the teams that use our platform on a daily basis, to meet our ideology "lead management and acquisition made easy".

More than our internal success, we must praise the success of our clients!

During the year, we witnessed various success cases! Cases where gyms, even before opening, had already all registrations filled, others that in just 15 days reached their annual goals, and others that in a month filled their client capacity. We also had a real estate consultant that, with Closum's help, increased her sales by 20%. Plus, an online store that, with a giveaway, was able to capture close to 1000 leads. 

In addition to the success achieved, the experiences of conferences such as Web Summit, allowed us to broaden our horizons and get the necessary networking to further enhance the functionalities of our platform.

Looking back at a year ago, we are able to notice the maturity that we managed to achieve in a short period of time. Of the more than 50 new features, we undoubtedly highlight the following:

SMS Marketing module implementation:
Until then, you would have to import your lists into an external service, to create your SMS Marketing campaigns.

Newsletter module implementation:
Just like it happened with SMS Marketing, to create your Newsletters, you also had to import your lists into an external service.

Sales Sequence:
With this implementation, you now know in which state each lead is in and process them in different ways.

Lead reassignment in scale:
You no longer need to reassign leads manually. With this, you are able to reassign leads from one commercial to another, automatically.

Lead traceability:
You can now know from which source each lead was captured.

Free Landing Pages:
We want you to have more autonomy in the creation of campaigns. So, we made available a Free Landing Page creation service.

RGPD Compliance:
With the new legislation now in place, we regulated the platform to be RGPD Compliant. All of our lead capture is in now regulated under the new RGPD.

Campaign performance calculator:
More than knowing how many leads or visitors we get in each campaign, we need to know the costs per visitor, lead and business earned.

Team performance reports:
Monitor your team's performance in real time. Understand what they are doing and how you can improve.

Detailed campaign reports:
Each Landing Page has its own dashboard so you can analyze its required performance metrics.

Audience Creator:
More than to communicate, to communicate in a segmented way increases your probability of closing deals. We've implemented an audience creator for you to segment the way you communicate with your leads.

More than talking about the past, we want to think about the future! And above all, we want that 2019 surpasses 2018. For both us, and our customers!
And for this, we wish you all a prosperous new year and that together, we can overachieve our goals.

"You are out of business if you don't have a prospect"

Zig Zagler