Lost Deals Today Can Be Won Tomorrow!



September 25, 2018


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In Inbound Marketing, there isn't a perfect time for converting leads into clients. Each lead has his own "timing" to convert.

And what about your company? What do you do with the leads that don't convert? Are they erased or forgotten?

If that's the case, this article is for you.

The conversion of leads into customers isn't always an easy process. Thus, it's necessary to create methods and processes so you don't get lost. A lot of times, the leads you capture in your marketing actions, are what's called "the curious" that just want to know more about your product/service. But, could that "wanting to know more" mean interest?  The answer isn't generic, but most of the time yes.

What should you do with these curious people, is put them in a very early phase of the sales funnel and keep nurturing their interest. For that, Lead Nurturing is crucial.

There are a lot of ways to nurture the interest of these "curious leads", but Email Marketing and SMS Marketing are the most optimized and capable ways of doing that.

We recommend doing a strategic plan composed of different emails over a determined period of time. In these emails, talk about topics that match the topic that captured the leads' interest, and only then promote your service. 

Ex: Gym X has launched a campaign with an offer of a free month trial.
Nurturing of curious leads or lost deals: Sending 4 emails with a space of 3 days in between + sending 1 SMS (if necessary).

1º email: E-book with nutrition tips.
2º email: 5 ways to lose weight.
3º email: E-book with tips on how you can tone your body in 3 months.
4º email: Success case: How an athlete lost weight and toned his body in less than 3 months in gym X.
SMS - Still haven't accomplished your goal? Meet gym X and guarantee this unique offer link to the new campaign.

Can you manage all those leads without the help of a platform of lead acquisition and management with detailed reports of the performance of the commercial team?

There are three answers:

Yes - Those who think that excel or even paper is enough. They forget about the work they have creating different excel spreadsheets for each commercial member. They also forget that paper is only accessible inside the company and only by one person.

I don't know - Those who are in doubt if their work method is the most appropriate and effective to leverage conversion rate.

No - Those who understand that the future is digital, and only those who adapt reach their goals.

Which answer did you give?

Ask us for a demo and start accomplishing your goals.

"Every email is an opportunity to test a different benefit or angle."

Heather Morgan, Columnist at Inc. Magazine