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January 16, 2020


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New year features!

With the growing evolution of web and mobile development in recent years, and with the insertion of new technologies that allow access to the web, Closum has launched more interactive digital functionalities, adapted to the real needs of the user.

Check out the new features we developed for you.

New Landing Pages system 

Let's enter a new landing pages system.

From now on you have the possibility to create landing pages with images, text and video through our new front-end inline editor.

With Closum now, in addition to being possible, create high conversion landing pages, with a responsive design without needing any IT, design or copy help (Menu ->Micro Pages), you can now create interactive landing pages (Menu -> Landing Pages).

Know our new templates:

You can now create your own landing page exactly the way you want. We also allow the possibility of customizing details that in digital marketing make all the difference:

  • Social sharing customization

Customize your sharing image, now you can share your landing page on social networks with the image you want and with the appropriate measures. Increase you conversion rate through social channels by customizing the social image.

  • Customization of success pages

Enjoy! And customizethe success page.
You can now create custom content for your leads that convert and click on call-to-action.

  • Landing Pages URL customization
Customize the URL tailored to your company. Customize and assign the most appropriate URL for your landing page.

  • Customization of Facebook pixel and analytics

Closum allows the customization of the facebook pixel as well as analytics. Now you can see if your ads are really getting converted, as well as assessing, for example, whether a user has accessed a page in google analytics.

  • Domain customization

Use your own domain. Currently you can customize your domain as you wish and in the most appropriate way.

With Closum, it is possible to capture, in a correct way.
Create your first interactive landing page here now.
These are just some of the news we have for this year. Stay tuned!

"Lead generation is a fairly core activity to marketing"

Chris Brogan