Invest in lead nutrition and help the sales team!



August 14, 2019


1 minute reading

Leads are part of the engine of any marketing strategy aimed at increasing sales, and special care is needed in the nutrition process.

Lead nutrition greatly increases the purchase intent of each potential customer and aims to provide interesting, quality content that is able to educate and nurture the relationship established.

Thus, we have much more certainty about the interest of each contact in finalizing a purchase, reducing the work of the sales team and eliminating those who have no interest in acquiring the product or service.

For efficient lead nutrition, it is necessary to take into consideration the behavior of leads when customizing the content offered and segmenting according to interests.

Why is lead nutrition important?

The process of lead nutrition may take some time in the beginning, but the results obtained justify any investment made.

Source: Hubspot

In short, a good lead nutrition process helps not only the sales team close better deals, but also: 

  • Increases the purchase intent of leads;
  • Helps build direct relationships with future consumers;
  • Contributes to the strengthening of the brand and the vision of market leadership;
  • Reduces the lead shopping cycle;
  • Provides a better shopping experience for the consumer;
  • Saves marketing and sales team efforts;
  • And, of course, it brings more financial return to your company.

"We do a lot of one night stands in lead generation and not enough in long-term relationships."

Mike King, Founder of iPullRank