Improve sales with a hit contact qualification!



September 11, 2019


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Admittedly there are several ways to garner contacts, from leads in landing pages, qualified lead marketing in eBooks, or even subscribers who just want to follow our blog or newsletter. But should we treat and qualify these contacts in the same way?
So to clarify the existing types of qualifications, we leave down some types and what each means.

Subscriber - Contacts who know the company and chose to learn more about it. It's probably the visitors who signed up for the blog or newsletter.

Marketing Qualified Lead - Contacts that have shown interest in the brand but are not yet ready to receive a call from the sales team. A good example is the contacts raised on an eBook, here they were interested in the content and not exactly the brand.

These contacts should be worked out by the marketing team to nurture their interest and get them to "go down" to a state of the funnel more prone to the sales team to act.

Lead - Contacts that have shown interest in the brand. An example of lead is a contact that has signed up for a company campaign.

Sales Qualified Lead - Contacts who indicated, through their actions, that they are ready for direct monitoring of the sales team.

Opportunity - Contacts that are real sales opportunities.

These contacts should be worked out by the sales team, here their intention is to buy, so we should act quickly and close business with them.

Customer - Business contacts earned.

Evangelist - Clients who defend and recommend the brand.

These contacts are business earned already. Here, they can be our promoters and refer us to third parties, so working these contacts is very important, faithful customers buy more often and recommend to friends.

With Closum, it is possible to qualify, in a correct way, all contacts raised.

"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself."

Henry Ford, Founder of Ford