Your marketing department already has the "magic formula" to generate leads, but now you need to set goals.

How many leads do you have to generate next month?

You should not simply assume a value for luck, or the "the better", nor do you always want to increase X% per month. There are better ways to find out what your goal is for next month.


Step 1 - Find out which billing to reach.

First of all, you need to know which billing you want to reach for that month. It's also important to know how much of that billing should come from landing pages.
For example, your company needs to bill $ 100,000 next month and you want 70% to come from landing pages.

€ 100,000 x 0.7 = € 70,000 from landing pages


Step 2 - Find out how many customers are needed to reach the goal.

Second, you need to estimate the number of customers you need to reach the goal. To do this, you need to know the average ticket of your current customers.
For example, the average ticket of each customer is 250 €

€ 70,000 / € 250 average ticket = 280 customers


Step 3 - Find out how many leads are needed.

Now, do you need to know the percentage of closures of your commercial team, that is, of the leads you have been getting lately, how many have become a customer? If you do not have enough data, you can set your ideal rate, but remember to keep "feet well on the ground". Converters 50% of the leads that you have picked up are very rare, so keep them at a rate of 10 or 11%.

280 clients / Conversion 0.10 = 2800 leads

Okay, you've figured out the number of leads for the next month!
Easy, is not it? But find out the number of leads you can not reach, you need to know the investment you have to make as well.



Step 4 - Discover the value to invest.

Here it is essential to know the cost per lead of your other campaigns. Go to the performance calculator within the analysis of the landing pages and put the amount invested in the last campaign.
The cost per lead of the last campaign was 0.41 € then:

2800 leads x € 0.41 per lead = € 1148

You need to invest € 1148 to get the 2800 leads.

Of course you should monitor and analyze what is happening daily so you do not fall short of what is expected.

"We do a lot of one night stands in lead generation and not enough in long-term relationships."

Mike King, Founder of iPullRank