The hashtag (#) is an excellent resource for boosting your Instagram publications. Although it may seem like a little detail, the hashtag is a powerful feature. Its use, being nothing new, raises many questions about how best to use it and how to obtain return on each publication.
Before giving you the tips, it is important to understand the hashtag concept.
"Hashtag is a word or sequence of joined words preceded by the cardinal sign (#), commonly used to identify subjects in social networks." - Priberam

For millennials, which were born with mobile devices in their hands and have always been online, using hashtags is a fairly simple task. However, it is true that to get the most out of the resource is necessary to have some knowledge, especially if you want to be strong in the social network with more engagement.
It's important to understand that hashtags can be used as a true funnel for your target audience as you categorize each publication. In addition, by using hashtags, you're making life easier for your audience because you allow your business to be found much more easily.

1 - Specific or Generalist Hashtags?
Instagram is a social network of images, so they often use them not only follow people or companies, but also follow general hashtags such as #marketingdigital or #landingpages. However, this does not stop you from using more specific hashtags #MarketingDigitalPortugal #LandingPagesSimples. Therefore, always bet on three or four generalist hashtags and then work more closely on the specific hashtags.

2 - Popular Hashtags
#love, #instagood and #photooftheday are among the three most used hashtags on Instagram, however the fact that you use them does not mean that it will bring you results. The use of these hashtags can boost your posts, but ultimately we want returns on the posts and not likes. Therefore, it is only valid to use these hashtags if the publication meets the publication, imagine using #love in a #landingpages publication, it does not make much sense and you will not reach the audience you expect.
Having said that, always think about what hashtags you will use, never forgetting who your target audience is.

3 - Hashtags with many words?
# one more common pet. Did you read it? For, one of the most common mistakes is actually writing a big phrase like hashtag. From an Instagram user perspective, what is the probability of writing a big phrase like hashtag to find what you are looking for? Another one of the # mistakes is #writing #frases #say, in the end they say nothing. So you have to be #creative and put hashtags that will help your business find more followers.

4 - Create hashtags for your business
Whatever your business area of ​​business, it is essential to have your own hashtag and place it in all your publications. So, whenever someone finds the #nomedatua company you will find all the publications made by you, your customers and your employees.

5 - Follow your own hashtag
Make a "Follow" to your hashtag so you can keep track of what people are posting daily. Remember that having people of free will to promote your brand is always a good way to reach a wider audience and give more credibility to the brand.
Do not forget to interact with the people who talk about your company, answer questions, give suggestions and contribute to a positive relationship between the brand and the lead.
At the end of it all, you have to think that you must work the hashtags differently depending on the publication and above all put the #nomedatua company on top.

"It’s important to decide on what types of leads you want at the middle & bottom of your sales funnel."

Chris Knipper, CEO Kuno Creative