6 tools for Facebook Ads



October 15, 2019


2 minutes reading

One of the big challenges of marketers is to effectively manage marketing money and invest in ads that bring a positive return. Facebook Ads is currently the most affordable and effective channel to reach our target audience.
One of the great advantages of this platform is that we can advertise with a small budget, since we can define a low daily cost - minimum of 1€. Another major ou big (ver) advantage is that it allows a high segmentation and achieves our target audience assertively.
The great difficulty here is that the platform has a large number of features and with this, it is often necessary to resort to other platforms.

That's exactly what to talk about in this article.

  1. Facebook Ads Manager   

This will be the most widely used manager worldwide. It is already integrated with Facebook, and that's where we can access and control the different modalities of ads. From here, we have access to all the tools needed to create targeted ads according to our target audience.

Main advantages:  

  • Easy to use;
  • The ad is active in a few minutes;
  • No intallation required;
  • It's free.


  1. App Facebook Ads Manager

Basically, it is the same manager described in point 1, the difference is that it is used on the tablet or smartphone. That is, it is very useful for those who use the smartphone or tablet as a number one tool to work with.

Main advantages:

  • Mobility;


  1. Driftrock

Drifrock is an ad manager used by some giants such as BMW. The big difference is that you can automate ads in ways we can't even imagine. We can for example schedule ads and only be activated according to the city's climate, TV programming, or even stock availability.
A small example, BMW used driftrock to promote BMW xDrive 4x4 technology while raining or snowing in that region. And that brought them a 30% increase in conversion.

Main advantages: 

  • Automation through differentiated triggers and not just based on the time or day of the week;
  • Quickly, allows you to create up to 100 Facebook ads in a few minutes;
  • Integration with several other marketing plataforms.


  1. Hootsuite Ads

One of the most used tools in social networking management. It's a great solution for anyone who wants to take Facebook ads to the next level.

Main advantages: 

  • Create ads quickly, in just two clicks;
  • Suggests goals for your ads;
  • Integration of all accounts in one place.


  1. Social Ads Tool

A facebook partner tool for ad management, focused on automation. This allows marketers to waste less time with technical operations, making them freer for strategic planning.

Main advantages: 

  • Automatic ad optimization;
  • In-depth reports;
  • Conversion tracking.


  1. AdRoll

A targeted tool to manage remarketing through Facebook. This allows you to create more targeted ads for potencial customers as soon as they are more likely to buy or interact. 

Main advantages: 

  • Crossing of devices;
  • Increased return. 

Through these tools, it's much easier to extract results from campaigns created in Facebook Ads. It is not easy to decide which tool is best, but it will also depend on what you need at this time.

"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself."

Henry Ford, Founder of Ford